You cook. You admire fresh garden vegetables, the aroma of a slow cooking roast, fresh baked pie and simmering down a hearty soup. Your kitchen and the experience of crafting and serving food with sincerity is a big part of who you are. Some of you enjoy a glass of deep red wine; others a locally brewed cold pint and then there's the glass we carry for bourbon lovers.

You've stopped in. You found what you need to cook your favorite recipe, explore new techniques or set up your home bar. The shop has what you like.

At Swanky Fork Kitchen Shop, over 1,000 unique and truly beautiful cooking tools have been selected with you in mind. They are made in America, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and other countries abroad. Wusthof cutlery, Le Creuset French cookware, Culinary Institute of America tools, USA Pan bakeware, Boos Block cutting boards, Riedel wine glasses and other quality brands and locally-made goods fill the shelves. I guarantee every purchase.

Most of you know me. I'm Jeannine - I'm just like you. An American working hard to make a living. A mom. A home cook who doesn't use a recipe most of the time and loves everything about the food world. I am at home in my kitchen. I admire gardeners.

Swanky Fork Kitchen Shop was opened in 2009 in the face of our country's financial crisis as a solution to unemployment. As a rural, Main Street family owned business supported by local cooks, friends, family, neighbors, business owners, surrounding towns and worldwide visitors, the shop is thriving today. I'm grateful you've shared your cooking stories and shopped in my store. I am giving back to real people in tangible ways.

Swanky Fork Kitchen Shop & of Colorado Springs have partnered to bring more than 60,000 products direct to your door with FREE SHIPPING on orders of $49 or more. I am now able to compete fairly with large corporate-owned stores that sell cookware by offering the same low pricing, product selection and quick shipping with no hassle returns. As always, you can call me personally if you have questions about any piece of cookware you see online, cooking technique or need Montana restaurant and travel advice.

Beginning in 2014, when you buy from my online business, I will give back 10% of our online sales to the Future Farmers of America in your state*. As a cook, I want the food on our table to be fresh and grown just down the road by our young community farmers rather than arriving by ships from ports 5,000 miles away.

I am working very hard to do my part to help change the landscape of the US economy and dinner table. I invite you to shop my family owned business if you need anything for your kitchen. I look forward to hearing about your latest cooking story. See you soon.

*Audited by Mrachek, Popp and Associates.

Jeannine Haugan-Olson is an entrepreneur; food & recipe writer; and business consultant focused on cooking, kitchen stores and culinary tools. She is a member of the International Housewares Association Gourmet Retailer Advisory Council and was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as "Woman of the Year" for demonstrated excellence in her profession for 2014. A Montana native, she is a Montana State University Business School Alumni and spent 15 years in hi-tech branding and strategic marketing in Silicon Valley.

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